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Accessing Rebates for Psychological Services: 

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Requirements, Process, and Coverage

Individuals can access a rebate following the payment of their psychological services if they are able to provide a valid referral letter and mental health care plan from their doctor. This rebate only applies to treatment services. It does not cover couples therapy.


To access this rebate you need to book a session with your doctor and request for a Mental Health Care Plan and referral to be made. Your doctor will then do a brief assessment, determine your eligibility, and provide you the referral. This referral letter will be provided to us to explain why you are being referred, what type of plan your are on, and the number of session that you can access before needing another referral to access further rebates.


Generally your first referral will provide for 6 sessions, and you will see your doctor for another referral for a further 4, if needed. The maximum number of sessions you can access a Medicare rebate for in a calendar year is 10.


To access the rebate you need a valid referral and mental health care plan, and to have paid for your session in full. We can process the rebate for you, and Medicare will deposit it into your account. Alternatively you can claim the Medicare rebate yourself directly with Medicare using the receipt provided by us.


Individuals can access a Medicare rebate for up to ten sessions per calendar year. The current rebate for Psychologists is $93.35.


If you have private health, once you have paid your session in full, you can claim directly to your provider using your receipt.

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