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Fees and Rebates

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Our current fee schedule is listed below.

  • Initial session: 90 minutes duration, $300

  • Follow-up session: 50 minutes duration, $220

  • EMDR session: 90 minutes duration, $300

  • Couples therapy session: 90 minutes duration, $300

  • Report writing: Billed per 15-minute interval, $55

  • File review and preparation: Billed per 15-minute interval, $55

  • Travel: Billed at our standard hourly rate, per 15-minute interval, $55

  • Clinical supervision for a 4 + 2, 5 + 1, or placement: 60 minutes duration, $187

  • Clinical supervision for a registrar or psychologist or mental health professional: 60 minutes duration, $202

  • Group supervision services: Billed per hour per participant, $85

  • Case report review services: Billed per hour, $187

Unfortunately, we do not provide bulk billed services.

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Access rebates for psychological services by providing a valid referral letter and mental health care plan from your doctor. These rebates are applicable to treatment services and do not cover couples therapy. Obtain a referral and care plan from your doctor, which specifies the session limits and reasons for the referral. With a valid referral and full payment, we can process the rebate for you, or you can directly claim it with Medicare using our receipt.

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Get in Touch

If you have any inquiries or require assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our admin team.

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